Global projects to the multilingual Freelance Consultants and Engineers in Japan

There are many high paying (JPY1.5M/month) freelance global projects.

Global Projects

We can introduce projects which needs your sophisticated language skills and cross-culture experiences, such as overseas business expansion support, global system roll-out, projects with overseas partners, Long-term overseas projects, etc.

PMO, Cutting-edge projects

In addition to overseas projects, we can introduce client-side PM/PMO projects, RPA, advanced technology projects, SAP, and other Business and IT consulting projects.

High paying projects

There are many high-paying projects over JPY 1.5m of projects from the client firms or consulting firms.


Before joining projects, discussing your need and career steps we will help refining your CV, well-preparing for the interviews, etc. After joining projects, we will also regularly communicate with you to know and discuss any problems in the projects.

To Freelance consultants and Engineers

There are many Global and High-Paying projects 

As business and market grow globally, joint projects with overseas partners and group companies are increasing day by day.
But, Japanese companies always face with problems of recruting multi-lingual and cross-cultural business professionals for mission-critical projects. 
So, there are many many opportunities to those who has good language skills and globall business experiences.

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Registration steps

Here are the steps to register and acquring projects.

Step 1   Registration

Please fill the registration form. We will contact you soon to discuss further.
Please feel free to register even if you are currently working as an permanent employee or having ongoing projects.

Step 2    Listening your needs and wants

Tell us your needs and wants about projects, and your experiences, career plans, etc and discuss projects which might suit to you through casual meeting (face-to-face, phone, etc)
Feel free to talk to our career consultants if you have any concerns or worry about your future career

Step 3   Applying for projects

We will search projects which fit to your needs and wants. Please apply for projects which you might be interested in. You can apply to one or more projects.
Please don’t hesitate to ask our consultants if you have any questions about projects we proposed

Step 4  Interview

We will send your CV to projects owner. If they are interested in your skills, career and experiences, we will arrange interview with them. We do all the arrangement for the interview. It’s fine to just tell us your availability.
We will give extra information and advise about the projects before interviews to better prepare for it.

Step 5  Sign the contract and project starts

After receiving an offer from the project owner, we will confirm you whether you like to join the projects. If you are happy to join the projects, discussing and adjusting all the conditions about the project such as start date, monthly rate, rolls, etc, sign contracts.

Step 6   Follow up and support

After joining projects, we will regularly communicate with you to support you. Please feel free to tell us any sensitive issues you can’t easily talk on-site.

Projects currently open (not all)

Here are some projects currently open.
Usually recruiting period of freelance projects are very short. Some projects listed below could be closed already.
Please contact to us for up-to-date information.

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20190523001 通信機製品開発のPMO支援 スキル見合い
100% 通信機製品の開発

・課題解決へ向けた関係者とのコミュニケーション 等
愛知県 即日 1~2年の長期 2019-05-23
20190523002 システムエンジニア/ディレクター 80-100万(スキル見合い) 100% 要件定義や仕様検討、仕様書の作成等、システム開発の上流工程を実施。

 Ruby on Rails / Java 経験ありだと尚可
都内 即日 2019-05-23
20190531001 人事システム構想策定PMO 100-130万円 100% 医薬系クライアントの人事システム構築プロジェクト HRIS(人事システム)の構想策定経験、PM経験、顧客側での同経験があることが望ましい。
23区 6月 5-6月(構想策定)、7月以降導入フェーズに入り、最長2020年4月末頃まで延長可能性あり。 2019-05-31

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